Protect and Support Your Community Today

For over 100 years, volunteer firefighters have served and protected the borough of Mount Wolf and the eastern half of East Manchester Township. Eagle Fire Company is looking for volunteers in the borough and township to answer the call for another 100 years.

It’s important that you’re sure about becoming a volunteer with Eagle Fire Company. You may find battling fires, aiding search and rescue efforts, and providing emergency medical services fulfilling and exciting.

We do have other areas where you can help. We have dedicated volunteers who provide much-needed support on the scene outside of fire emergencies and are not required to become firefighters.

Eagle Fire Company is accepting membership applications for the following opportunities:


Respond to emergency and non-emergency incidents, provide emergency rescue and fire suppression, emergency medical and first aid services, and conduct water rescue. All volunteers will participate in fire prevention, training, and maintaining the fire equipment.


Responds to medical, hazardous materials, water rescue, and other emergency calls and administers first aid services.

Fire Police

Serve as peace officers keeping unauthorized persons away from emergency scenes, monitor firefighters working at the scene while performing their duties, and control traffic in emergencies

Junior Firefighters

Observe firefighters and assist in a non-hazardous capacity while learning basic firefighting and leadership skills. (18 years old and younger)

Support / Social

Supports the department by helping department committees with community events, public education, and fundraising.